Wedding DJ Hire

Your Wedding Entertainment Is Just As Important As The Partner You’re Marrying

Joining Hands in MatrimonyYour wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life, so everything on that day needs to be PERFECT, and that includes the wedding DJ hire that you choose to host your big day’s entertainment.

It’s your day to remember, and you want to remember it for the rest of your life… so, even the simple things like getting a good DJ, becomes an important factor.

You’ve thought long and hard about your special occasion; the endless weeks and months of careful planning that went into choosing the ultimate wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, wedding venue, wedding cake, the catering, table decorations, flowers etc. But, more often than not the wedding entertainment is sometimes left to a friend; an outsider or even left until the very last minute! Yes, it does happen!

So, to help eliminate this, you always want to try and book your DJ as early as possible, and well in advance too if you can, even if it’s only a provisional booking. You can always inform your DJ, as soon as possible, should there be any changes in dates or venues. Feel Free To Complete Our Small Form To Get A DJ Quote Whenever You’re Ready!


You Get A Wedding DJ With A Difference

On your your wedding day, your wish is our command and no matter what you require from us, consider it done!  Music is our life so our first port of call is to ensure that we have the songs to make your day that bit EXTRA SPECIAL.

You know what I mean… those songs that strike a sentimental chord every time to hear them; the songs that first introduced you to each other and those songs that brought happiness into your lives since you’ve been together.. on holiday, at someone else’s party, or just when you’ve been out in a pub, canoodling in a subtly-lit corner… whispering sweet nothings into each others ears!

When you book us, we’ll discuss those songs with you, and any others that you want us to play, or things you need us to say over the microphone throughout the day of your wedding. You might want to let us know your absolute favourite songs… mum and dad’s too, if you know them that is. It’s always nice to slide in a few of those numbers to make your evening a most memorable one, not only for yourself but for the bride and groom’s parents too!

If we don’t have any specific songs from any genre whatsoever, we can absolutely GUARANTEE that we’ll get them. There’s nothing worse than having a few favourites and the DJ hasn’t even got them! We’ve never really came across that situation and we don’t intend to.

So, if you’re thinking about booking your DJ, or you would like to get a quote for wedding DJ hire for your big day celebrations, that’s just a few of the things we’ll discuss, well before the day of the event.

We have great microphone manners too, and that’s really an essential part of any good disc-jockey. Also, If you need to use our P.A system so the best man can be heard clearly when making his speeches, or the father-of-the-bride just likes to hear his own voice, that’s not a problem either. We’ll ensure our radio microphones are set up so you can use them to address the wedding party, at any time throughout the day.

We’ll cover your wedding entertainment for as long or as short as you want us to. It doesn’t matter where your wedding is held. When you book us… it’s covered!